This is the greatest idea. Talk about Christmas magic.

The Lawrence Township Emergency Medical Services FMBA Local 396 will be helping out the big guy, Santa Claus, this year by responding to each letter received.

Santa's mailbox is set up right now in front of the EMS station at 165 Pilla Avenue in Lawrence Township. Bring your child to drop off his or her letter to Santa and then keep checking the mail for a personalized response letter. What a great keepsake. need to make sure your child's name and address is clearly on the letter so Santa's Lawrence EMS elves can help Santa get that return letter to your child.

Don't panic. You still have time to drop off the letters. Santa's mailbox will be in place at the EMS station (165 Pilla Avenue) until December 17th.

How great is this?  There's no charge for's a free service provided by the people who work tirelessly to help everyone in the community every single day. Bravo, Lawrence EMS. We know you're already super busy.

Your child will be so excited to receive a letter back from Santa right before Christmas. If any of your children are teetering back and forth with "believing," this may do the trick for a little while longer.

I would have loved to get a letter back from Santa when I was little. I was always worried that he didn't get my letters after my mom left them out in our mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up and deliver to him, year after year. I would always ask, "Are you sure he'll get it?" Lol. A letter back would have proven that he got it.

If you have any questions you can email the Lawrence EMS station at

Merry Christmas.


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