Why can't I ever be around when things like this happen!?

One mystery man at the Freehold Raceway Mall in NJ was recorded throwing handfuls of money over a walkway. As the cash fluttered down to very pleasantly surprised patrons standing down below, he was repeatedly waving and saying "Happy Mother's Day!"

According to NJ.com, one person heard the commotion and then recorded the footage - and honestly, it's a delight to behold. Check out the video below!


Not sure what possessed him to do this -not that I'm complaining! But he appears to be alone and he looks to be recording himself "making it rain" with his phone held somewhat upright in one hand. I wouldn't be surprised if his footage shows up on YouTube or TikTok somewhere. If or when he does, we'll know who this charitable soul is.

In any case, he looks so joyful and happy doing this, and you can tell by the audio that he definitely made everyone's day a little more exciting by putting a smile on people's faces - and a little more money in their pockets!

What made me laugh is that he's using one of the the red reusable Wawa bags that were distributed for free last week. I have one too!

And then, just as suddenly as it happened, after he was done tossing the money, he just left! Like a leprechaun or something!

I need to know who this guy is! I also need to know where he'll be on Father's Day.

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