It is one of my favorite ways to explore and to get exercise, it's hiking. There are around 57.8 million hikers in the US. 45% of hikers are female and 55% are male. My wife and I have hiked numerous parks around the Garden State and beyond. In fact you can check out my series Hiking New Jersey and take virtual tours of many of our county and state parks here in New Jersey.


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Hiking is a wonderful way to get exercise while enjoying nature's beauty. Here in New Jersey, we have many fantastic trails, parks, and locations to enjoy a hike. In fact, New Jersey is ranked as one of the TOP 5 best states to hike in America! That's right the Garden State is ranked as the 5th best state to hike in the United States. Kitera Dent Kitera Dent



According to Why This Place, "New Jersey ranked as the fifth best state for hiking in the US, with a Hiking Index Score of 69.49 out of 100. The state has 650 hiking trails per 1,000 square miles, meaning it ranks fourth-highest for this factor. It also has nine waterfalls per 1,000 square miles and 8.14% of its total area is covered by state and national parks. The Garden State also offers a balmy average temperature of 53.6°F year round."



RankStateHiking Index Score / 100
5.New Jersey69.49
8.New Hampshire61.55
10.Rhode Island60.65 Jake Melara Jake Melara


So where do you love to hike? Tell us about your favorite parks in New Jersey. Post your hiking recommendations and share your favorite trails with us.


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