Liam Hemsworth loves pranking fiancée Miley Cyrus while driving and his latest one is pretty hilarious. This time, Hemsworth waited until Cyrus was applying lipstick to make a noise that startled her. In the Instagram Story video, Cyrus is heard shouting “You are going to f— up my f—— lipstick!” Luckily, Cyrus is a total pro at putting on lipstick in the car, so it remains applied perfectly.

The engaged couple tends to keep a low profile these days, with Liam rarely sharing new pictures on Instagram. But, when he does, it’s usually to show these adorable, goofy moments they enjoy during their time together. Earlier this year, Hemsworth pretended to lose control of his car, scaring Cyrus so much that she dropped her phone, and a few weeks ago, Hemsworth caught Cyrus off guard by making a grunting noise, with Cyrus shouting that the scare jump made her hurt her neck.

But perhaps the best one was back in July, dispelling breakup rumors. In that one, the couple is seen dancing in the car, when suddenly Hemsworth shrieks, scaring Cyrus and causing her to respond saying she’ll “beat the sh—” out of him.

Even when Hemsworth is tormenting Cyrus with pranks, they give us some serious couple goals.

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