Beware...there are certain things that you should not be leaving in your car in this frigid weather.

USA Today has a list of 8 of them, but, I feel like I could add more.

1. Cell phones. Apple says you shouldn't be leaving your iphone or ipad in temps below -4, and I was reporting the wind chill this morning at -11. Brrrr. Be kind to your devices. Lithium-ion batteries, which are in a lot of cell phones don't do well in the cold. Your phone could stop working, and we all know how addicited to our phones we are, so don't take the chance.

2. Soda or beer - Uh hello, didn't you pay attention in science class? Water expands when it freezes, so your can of soda or that beer could explode. I know you probably thought you could keep it nice and cold for your Super Bowl party, but, it's not smart to keep it THAT cold.

3. People & pets - Duh. This one seems pretty obvious, but, even a little bit of time in an unheated car could be dangerous.

You can see the rest of the list here.

**I'm thinking hair spray should be on the list too, right? Also, your coat. Don't forget to bring your coat inside at night. There's nothing worse than being cold and having to put on a cold coat. You'll feel like a popsicle. Brrrr.

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