Lizzo just recently came out with her new show on Amazon Prime, 'Wach Out for the Big Grrrls', and scouted some local talent. Kiara Mooring from Ewing, NJ secured her spot on Lizzo’s 2022 tour as one of her backup dancers.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to binge this show like I have yet, it was made to showcase girls of all body types. In the series, Lizzo opens up about how there isn’t enough plus-size representation in Hollywood alone, including in the dance world.

In her TV series, she says “Girls that look like me simply don’t get enough representation,” straight out of the gate. Lizzo goes on to talk about how she asked her management for more dancers for her tour that have similar body types to her and she said “they gave me nothing”.

During the first episode, we see Kiara Mooring in her audition, and she absolutely kills it. Kiara is a 26-year-old dancer who grew up in Ewing, NJ. She’s been dancing since the age of two and is trained in not only hip-hop, which she showcases on the show, but in contemporary, afro beats and so many more that are listed under her bio.

When the COVID-19 pandemic went into full effect, Kiara was working from home for a hardware and software tech company. As she was trying to figure out her next steps work-wise, she was applying for many different modeling jobs and she saw the call for Lizzo’s show, according to Kiara said that the flyer stated it was looking for dancers who have been overlooked and feel underrepresented, and she felt it spoke to her as she made plans to audition for the show.

As a graduate of Ewing High School and Kean University, she danced throughout college but wasn’t really presented with an opportunity to showcase her dancing before this. You can see Kiara and all the other dancers Lizzo chose to bring on tour on Amazon Prime.

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