The secret is out. Llamas are awesome and at Second Wind Llama Adventures in New Egypt you can actually hang out and take a nice hike with llamas while enjoying beautiful views. The entire experience takes about two hours, and you'll walk your llama about 1 and a half miles. and llamas are walked in groups of up to five. How much does one of these experiences cost? Their website says $40 per person. Not bad at all.

Second Wind has become so popular that according to their website, they are no longer taking reservations. They will not have any Llama adventures available until the fall. They want people who are interested in a llama adventure to follow their Instagram and Facebook pages for updates on when more llama experiences will be available.

I remember going to farms when I was younger and always laughing when we would feed the llamas. They are such funny animals and I like the way they chew. Fast forward to my adult years and I still find llamas adorable. My friend had a petting zoo for her son's birthday a few years ago and I was obsessed with the llama they had brought. Especially because the owner of the petting zoo put a birthday hat on the llama's head. The llama was so popular that my friend put him on the front of her son's Thank You cards. It was the best. I absolutely know why Second Wind Llama Adventures is so popular. Llamas are cool and I may look for a way to book a reservation for the fall.


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