Don't you just love those nights where you look up in the sky, and the moon is so big, full and bright? It makes me gasp in awe every time.

If you look up in the night sky this weekend, you might just have the same reaction.

The Pink Full Moon will be shining bright this Easter weekend! According to, it will reach its peak illumination at 2:57 p.m on Saturday April 16, though it will be full and visible the entire weekend.

If you're thinking "Really? The moon will look PINK?" Sorry to burst your bubble. The moon won't actually be pink. That would be gorgeous though. The name comes refers to the pink flowers that start to bloom this time in April, like the Phlox subulata plant, more commonly known as creeping phlox.

Photo by Sandra Alekseeva on Unsplash
Photo by Sandra Alekseeva on Unsplash
This will be the first full moon of the Spring, and then after this one, there will be 8 more full moons in the year, according to Farmers Almanac. The next one will be particularly interesting because it will be during a lunar eclipse, according to!
  • May 16: Flower moon
  • June 14: Strawberry moon
  • July 13: Buck moon
  • August 11: Sturgeon moon
  • September 10: Harvest moon
  • October 9: Hunter's moon
  • November 8: Beaver moon
  • December 7: Cold moon

Maybe you'll want to plan on a romantic moonlit date one of these days! Even if you don't, there's nothing like gazing at.a full moon to remind you how beautiful it is!

If you notice the Pink Moon in the sky this weekend, pictures on your phone may not be able to do it justice, but let us know if you see it!

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