USA Today reports, Lowe's is planning on having a drive thru trick or treating event on October 22nd and 29th from 6-7pm. You have to reserve a spot and starting October 10th you can do that here. I'm sure spots will fill up fas, so make sure you register on October 10th. Kids can wear costumes, but they aren't required to get candy or the free pumpkin Lowe's is offering at this event. So you drive up, and the candy and pumpkins are delivered to you curbside. So fun! Call your local Lowe's to see if they are participating. There are locations close by in Princeton and Hamilton.

It's super hard this year to celebrate Halloween because of the coronavirus pandemic. It's my son's first Halloween and we can't even go trick or treating. I know he's only 1, so he won't really remember it at all, but still, I am so sad. I am planning on putting candy on little skewers and sticking them in my grass, so kids can at least come by our house and get some candy without having to ring our doorbell and feel unsafe. I was even going to ask some neighbors if we could ring the doorbell at their houses, just so he can get a little experience, but we'll see. Lowe's having a drive thru trick or treating event is awesome for kids to get some candy and a free pumpkin, while staying safe this Halloween.

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