Imagine waking up one morning to a bunch of phone calls and texts from people you've never even met. I would definitely be annoyed and a little bit concerned. This is exactly what happened to Chris Ferry from Linwood and it's all because of his two sons.

According to the news report by 6abc Philadelphia, both sons live in Florida and wanted to make their Dad's birthday an awesome one and they both decided to "go big or go home." The billboard was put up on Black Horse Pike in Atlantic City and of course because of the amount of cars that drive on that road, people started calling Chris and telling him that they saw the billboard and wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday. Chris said some people called to just wish him a Happy Birthday and others actually engaged in conversation with him. As of yesterday, Chris estimated that he had received about 10,000 calls, texts and voicemails wishing him a Happy Birthday! Apparently Chris knew his sons were behind the whole thing before even saw the billboard. I guess he knows his sons are pranksters!

See the news coverage from 6abc below.

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