Hey Hamilton Township! Have you heard a rooster nearby? It could be Squiggy!

Funny Farm Rescue in Mays Landing, New Jersey (6908 Railroad Blvd) is eager to find their beloved rooster, Squiggy, who went missing on Tuesday.

They're so desperate to find him, that thanks to generous donors, they've recently raised the reward for information leading to his discovery from $1,800 to $1,900 to $2,000!

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Take a look at their post down below!

Squiggy isn't just any regular rooster. He's a small rooster who was raised indoors among cats and dogs, according to PhillyVoice.com. He's one of the main stars of the show at the farm, with people and children coming from all over the world to come see the sweet kitten-like rooster.

Here's their initial post searching for information on where Squiggy might be:

Their plea is truly heart-breaking:

"Please bring him home. The whole world loves this little rooster more than words can ever say. He had the happiest life here at the Funny Farm Rescue & Sanctuary. $2000 cash reward. No questions asked." - Facebook @FunnyFarmRescue

It's clear they love Squiggy very much. It strikes the somber tune of anyone who is desperately searching for a loved family member.

If you hear a rooster (especially in the Mays Landing areas) or have any information about Squiggy's whereabouts, contact Funny Farm Rescue with whatever you know!

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