Today I had the privileged of interviewing UK artist Asher Knight. This was his first time in Jersey ever so of course I had to show him the ropes.

First off, a little background about Asher. He is 21 years old and has traveled all around the world singing and touring to promote his music. Most recently he toured with the band, The Vamps, and next month he'll be heading back on the road with Will Young!

His vocal range is incredible! This kid has so much talent and I can't wait for him to blow up over here in the US. His most recent work is his latest EP that came out a few months ago called Step Back. His lead single off the project has had tremendous success and is my favorite. So make sure you go check it out!

Today he co-hosted the commercial free countdown with me and we had so much fun. We even both tried pork roll for the very first time together. To learn more about Asher make sure you follow him on Instagram @AsherKnightUK.

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