I got the surprise of my life yesterday!

I love free things. Free clothes, free beauty products, free food, but I really, really love free money. Who in their right mind is going to turn down free money? Not this girl! Well I got the surprise of a lifetime yesterday! Megan Thee Stallion sent me some money on Cashapp! 

So here’s the backstory. I am an avid twitter user. Every Friday, Cashapp gives out free money. Like completely free! I see so many people win all the time, but for whatever reason I never get chosen! I tweet them my cashtag and whatever the hashtag of the day is as soon as I see it, but  they always pass me by! I was for certain I was doing something wrong.

Yesterday, Megan Thee Stallion tweeted out that she wanted to cheer everyone up! She said in her tweet :

“Thee Hot Girl coach is OFFICIALLY on team @Cashapp ! To celebrate I’m giving $1 MILLION in Bitcoin to as many hotties as I can! Will be giving out this million units until its gone, so drop your $cashapp below w #BITCOINMEG to get a piece.”

Of course, I had to get in on this offer! I tweeted exactly what she asked for. After a little bit of time I knew I was not going to win.

Until I did.


I was mid beauty nap when I got 2 notifications. One was a text form the cash app number. I see this number often because I am always using the app, so I thought it was just my brother requesting money from me. Then I got another notification to my email saying “HOT GIRL MEG SENT YOU #BITCOINMEG.” I literally could not believe my eyes!.

I’m sure you're wondering how much she sent me. She sent 43,210 sats, which is equivalent to $9.83, but still! I would never turn that down and she didn’t have to send me anything! There were other people that received $100. I’m just lucky I finally won something. Most importantly I can officially say I am a bitcoin investor. 




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