When it comes to our health we don't know what's right from wrong nowadays. We've heard before that drinking a certain beer can help your body in a certain way. Now, it has been said that both men and women should watch how much they drink.

6abc recently reported that men and women should probably limit their beer drinking to perhaps just ONE beer a day. Yes, you read that right. One beer.

It was also mentioned on 6abc that the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans mentioned that men should limit themselves to 2 beers a day while women should only have a single beer a day. An alcohol researcher from Boston University, Dr. Timothy Naimi, told 6abc that Americans could probably be a lot healthier if we all were able to cut down on alcohol consumption.

It's not that easy to just cut back on the drinking, doc. I personally like to enjoy a few beers during the weekend. So just one a day probably would not cut it for me.

According to 6abc.com, Dr. Naimi mentioned that the person that has 2 drinks a day has a higher risk of death but the article didn't really explain what the reasoning to that is.

Back in 2018, NBCnews.com reported that drinking beer can actually "boost your brainpower." If you ask me, that is the type of positivity we all need in our lives. Not only that but it was also reported that it makes your bones stronger as well.

So in reality, we don't know which one to follow. But we do know to make sure you stay safe and always drink responsibly.

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