The Mercer County Park Commision Facebook page is alerting you that one of the popular Mercer County dog parks, Rosedale Dog Park, is closed temporarily, because of a wasp problem.

I should clarify it's only the small dog park (35 pounds and under). There is a big dog park, and a small one. Specifically, there's a ground wasp problem in the park, and that could obviously be dangerous for your pup, so the county has shut it down through tomorrow (Thursday, August 8th), hopefully, reopening it on Friday, August 9th. Hornet mitigation is underway, according to the Mercer County Parks website.

Many of my friends take their furry friends to these dog parks, and love them. It's a 5-acre area, divided up for different sized dogs, with man-made hills and tunnels. It also has agility jumps and a water fountain made just for the dogs.

Rosedale Park, which borders Lawrence and Hopewell Townships, has been plaqued with issues lately, including the park's lake having a dangerous algae problem. You can read about that here. Residents are hoping it reopens soon.

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