Those looking for a job, the Cure Insurance Arena is having a drive thru job fair next week on May 24th from 11am-1pm.

Those interested are asked to wear a mask and drive up to Cure Insurance Arena next Monday. Drivers will be handed a bag with info about area companies that are hiring. The bag will be filled with info about more than 70 employers who are looking for help.

Companies that are hiring  include Amazon, Capitol Health, Hamilton Township, Thomas Edison University and more. Positions are in warehousing, medical personnel, food services and more.

To register for the Cure Insurance Arena Drive Thru Job Fair click here.

This pandemic has been extremely hard all around. We have lost millions of lives and some people think their lives are over if they've been let go from their jobs. I was extremely happy when I started seeing free food drive ups and donations happening all over for those in need. The pandemic slammed us with so much, it restored my faith in humanity that people were willing to help others.

I know that I am extremely fortunate to be employed and I am grateful that my husband has a job as well. We are happy that we have had our jobs throughout the entire pandemic and we've always had income coming in. I know there are people that do not have a job right now and it is a struggle. I honestly would be devastated if either of us lost our jobs, but I know that if that happened, both my husband and I would be out applying for ANYTHING we could get. We have a house and a son to support, so even if we wouldn't be working right away in our desired fields, we would still have income coming in.

This Firehouse AirBnB in Lambertville Will be Your Staycation

This Airbnb in Lambertville is sure to be your next staycation. It was once a firehouse and now is an adorable place to stay when you want to get away, but not go too far. It is extremely unique and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms so four guests can use it. It's two stories, located in beautiful Lambertville and even has a rooftop deck. The hosts rent it out for $282 a night.