The Mercer County Park Ice Skating Rink in West Windsor Township is open for the season, according to the official county website.

As I drove by the Old Trenton Road entrance to Mercer County Park recently, I was so excited to see the electronic sign announcing the news that the Ice Skating Rink was indeed open, but, of course, there are restrictions, it's 2020 after all.

The facility will be operating with limited capacity. For each public skating session, only 125 people will be allowed to enter the building. You must have your own skates with you in order to enter (except for chaperones over the age of 18). There will not be any skate rentals this season, and no birthday party rentals. Everyone will have to wear a face mask at all times...on and off the ice.

Park officials are doing their best to keep all guests safe. The mask rule will be strictly followed. Plus, the skate rink will close down temporarily after each public skate session to be cleaned and disinfected.

Prices are $6 for juniors and seniors. Adults are $8.

I'm happy to see this tradition continuing, despite the pandemic. It's a sense of normalcy, that a lot of people need, with safety precautions in place. I'm sure many locals are excited to get out and have a good time. My nieces have been there so many times, meeting up with their friends, and having so much fun.

I haven't been on ice skates in a few years. I'm probably a little rusty. My husband, John, played ice hockey all through school, and literally skates circles around me. Lol. Hopefully, I'll get some practice this season.

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