Does this even need to be explained? More New Jersey schools should be granting a 2 hour delayed opening the Monday After the Super Bowl!

Following the news that the Gloucester City school district announced they're granting its students a 2 hour delayed opening on Monday Feb 13, I thought for sure more New Jersey school districts would do the same! So what gives?

Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade
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Let's be honest: The Monday after the Super Bowl is filled with exhaustion and grogginess for not just students, but also teachers and staff. And with the Eagles playing this year, there's no way they're gonna miss the game, and most likely staying up late. And if the Eagles win?? Imagine the exhaustion from celebrating! And then, students are expected to show up to school at the usual time, fully energized? Boo!

Philadelphia Eagles v Houston Texans
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A two-hour delay would give students, teachers and staff the extra time they need to catch up on sleep, allowing them to start their day refreshed and ready to learn and teach.

I mean come on, there haven't been any snow days this winter season yet! Surely students can afford a teensy weensy 2 hour delay.

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Not to mention, a delay could also help improve safety on the roads!  Staff and students who drive to school may be exhausted the morning after the Super Bowl, which makes them more prone to accidents! New Jersey roads are already sketchy enough. With a 2 hour delay, there's more time to wake up and be alert while driving.

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It's like the Gloucester City School District said in their text message - this is a special time for family and friends to celebrate our birds. We should have time to enjoy it!

"...It is a rare and special time for families to watch our local professional football team compete in the Super Bowl. We feel that it's important to give students and staff the opportunity to enjoy the game with the families and still attend school & work the next day safely and well-rested."

What do you think? Should more New Jersey school districts grant a 2 hour delay? Don't be afraid to chime in in the comments!

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