Another Fall weekend, another harvest festival.

This Saturday the Morven Museum and Garden in Princeton will be honoring Richard Stockton, also known as “The Duke.” On the Morven Museum & Garden website, it was mentioned that Stockon spoke highly and proudly of his apple cider, which he referred to “as fine as wine.” This Saturday from 1 pm - 4 pm there will be free admission to highlight all that Morven’s Museum has to offer.

Take a trip back to the 1800s and discover the activities popular then, such as heritage cooks, apple orchards and more. There will also be reenactments and demonstrations throughout the day. And don’t worry,  for those interested in the food and beverage side of things — there will be cider making, distilling, and cooking. You can even learn new cooking techniques at the sweetmeat demonstrations, where they will teach you the hindsight of pickling and preserving your food according to

If you’re also interested in getting off your feet, there will be live music and you will even get to learn some of the dances from this era of time. As far as something for your children to do, they can learn how to print with apples as well as making those little corn husk dolls.

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