Some might not be aware that James Murray, known as Murr on the hit show Impractical Jokers, is also a best-selling horror novelist. He also recently married and moved to Princeton, New Jersey. You might catch him at The Witherspoon Grill or on a walk with his cute little puppy!

New to the suburbs, Murray told Community News that on his first night he forgot to lock the doors at night, and woke up to a wide-open back door. As a previous Manhattan resident, he was not used to having to manually lock his doors like the rest of us. This incident is what birthed the plot of his newest novel with co-author, Darren Wearmouth, called 'Don’t Move'.

Due to the pandemic and lockdown, Murr was able to get to writing. According to Community News, 'Don’t Move' follows Megan Forrester, a woman who just lost her husband and child in an accident she feels like she could have prevented. As a result, she joins a church group on a camping trip to West Virginia. The group mistakenly ends up in a canyon that belongs to a giant arachnid which can sense and stalk its prey through the slightest sound or movement. Creepy! The book follows Megan as she tries to survive.

The book will be available for purchase as a hard-cover, e-book, and in other audio formats on October 20th of this year. If you like horror novels, and are interested to see what other stories Murr and Wearmouth have written, their trilogy Awakened is available and revealed that the two have plans to release two more books next year. We can’t wait to get 'Don’t Move' and curl up next to the fireplace, and also to maybe see Murr on the streets sometime.

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