Guess who’s our Newest Neighbor! It’s none other than James Murray, otherwise known as Murr, from Impractical Jokers! Murr joined PopCrush on PST’s Kayla Thomas and talked about being married and living in Princeton, Impractical Jokers, and his new thriller novel, Don’t Move!

2020 has brought some challenges for all of us, but Murr reveals the pandemic wasn’t going to stop him and his now-wife from tieing the knot! After planning four different types of weddings, he and wife, Melyssa Davies, got to have a small outdoor ceremony in their backyard. Murr shared that he absolutely loves living in Princeton and wants fans to know they can definitely come say hi whenever you see him in town.

Murr also revealed that you can find him “once a week at the Witherspoon Grille drinking way too many pineapple martinis”, hiking, kayaking, and taking his new puppy for a walk. He joked that while Princeton is known for the high deer population, his wife has “the most amazing deer vision he’s ever seen”, so thanks to her x-ray vision they’ve never hit one.

The Jokers Star also revealed that they’ve already filmed three punishments for Impractical Jokers at his house here in Princeton. The show comes back in January, but for now he hinted that his punishment includes a couple wacky things like a zipline, his wife, a proctologist, and more! But until then, if you miss the guys, you can watch their quarantine-edition show Impractical Jokers: Dinner Party every Thursday on TruTv.

Murr says that while enjoying spending so much time with his wife and raising a puppy, he’s also written his latest thriller novel, called Don’t Move in the Quarantine. The story follows a church group that gets lost in the wrong woods, and things start to take a turn for the worse! He says the story is “scary as hell, perfect read for the fall, and you won't be able to put it down”. Don’t Move is available for purchase now so make sure to grab your copy!

Finally, Murr left with the sweet note that one thing Quarantine has taught him as a guy who has only ever lived with fellow Joker Joe Gatto is that he “can be a good husband”. Wishing the biggest congrats to Murr and Meylssa on the wedding, the book, and we can’t wait for the newest season of Impractical Jokers!


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