Margate's Lucy the Elephant may be the "World's Greatest Elephant", as her slogan suggests, but long-time Lucy tour guide, Mortimer, doesn't remember anyone ever getting engaged inside Lucy.

That all changed on Wednesday.

That's when Greg got down on one knee and proposed to Janet during a tour of Lucy Wednesday afternoon.

"I'm sure there were others, but it's my first, and it was so frigging adorable. Congratulations to them, such a sweet moment," Mortimer told us.

Mortimer says Greg surprised Janet and everyone else when he pulled out an engagement ring and popped the question mid-tour.

"He knelt down on the howdah and did the proposal on the ocean side."

If you aren't familiar with elephant terminology, a howdah, which means "bed carried by a camel", is described as "a carriage positioned on the back of an elephant, used most often in the past to carry wealthy people during processions, hunting or in warfare".

Lucy's howdah is a huge ornamentally-covered deck on top of Lucy-- six floors up -- that offers a sweeping view of Margate, the beach, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Come to think of it, Lucy's howdah is a pretty darn romantic spot. Good choice, Greg!

For the record, Janet said, "Yes'" and the happy couple left Lucy as husband and wife-to-be.

Mortimer says he was so busy giving the tour that he didn't get around to asking for any more details from the couple, but he did find time to take the awesome selfie with Greg and Janet you see as the article's cover photo.

If you know our mystery couple, Greg and Janet, tell them to reach out to me so I can hear their side of the story about this engagement @ I love hearing about life events that happen inside giant roadside pachyderm attractions.

If you have never been to Margate's favorite attraction or would like to take another tour and see how great Lucy looks since her recent makeover, Lucy the Elephant's 142nd birthday celebration at 9200 Atlantic Avenue is Saturday, July 22nd.

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