South Jersey is going to have a new sandwich shop opening, but don’t worry, it is light on the carbs for anyone who has been cutting back on traditional delis.

Elsie’s Pickles has recently announced a second location in Northfield. The shop is a viral deli that is known for not using bread for their sandwiches. Instead, They use giant hollowed out pickles, which is a new way to shake up your average take on a sandwich.


“Over the next 90 days our Elsie’s team will be working around the clock to open a second location to serve the shore communities,” read their Instagram post. “We are excited to bring them to the shore and to pamper guests with our family recipe and tradition.”

It is exciting that there will be a new sandwich place joining the Haddon Township deli as well, so there is not just one place where you can try these salty treats.

According to, the sandwiches can actually be taken to go, if you don’t want to stay at the deli, so it is perfect for a quick takeout meal. They also don’t have just sandwiches, but wraps made out of thin slices of pickles, their own Bloody Mary mix and pickle juice, and shot glasses.

This is a fun and interesting new take on a sandwich. Although there aren’t many carbs, it probably is a little saltier, but still worth a try if you are an avid pickle lover or someone who likes to try new things.


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