On Tuesday August 6th, Trenton’s National Night Out will continue with very little change despite rumors.

So obviously I am still fairly new to the area so there are so many fascinating events that I would never know about if it weren’t for my PST fam. Recently I had been hearing a little bit about the National Night Out in Trenton, NJ. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a big event that started way back in 1984. This event started as people just sitting on their porches with the lights on as soon as it gets dark outside. Fast forward to present day, many communities throw block parties and have special contest for the community.

There were some rumors about city officials wanting to alter some of the rules and regulations concerning the towns National Night Out, but they have since then decided to run this event like they normally do. The new change would have included more police in each ward having smaller celebrations. However, one of the rumors going around as to why there would be new regulations was the fact that many people who hosted block parties were going to stock extra food in their fridges. Isn’t that crazy?

In the city, this National Night Out is a hopeful event that will make the community more aware of police activity and build positive relationships between the two. The Trenton Police will be hosting their own event at their Headquarters in North Clinton Avenue, but they will indeed be stopping around to other block parties just to say hi!

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