Last week, the Philadelphia Zoo debuted a Facebook Live series called Philly Zoo at 2.  According to the Zoo's Facebook pagePhilly Zoo at 2 gives viewers a chance to "virtually meet and interact" with the Zoo's animals and staff.

Earlier today on Philly Zoo at 2, a sloth bear cub "stepped outside" for the first time.

According to, even though they have the word "bear" in their name, a sloth bear is actually mammal that lives in Southeast Asia. says that the Philly Zoo's cub was born on Dec. 11.  The cub's mother, Kayla, is also featured in the Facebook Live video.

In case you were wondering (because I was), a sloth bear is not the same as a three-toad sloth. says that the three-toad sloth is found in Central and South America.  (It's also found working at the DMV in the movie Zootopia).


We'll look forward to seeing the baby in person when the Zoo reopens, but for now, we'll enjoy watching the cub on video.

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