Something I think has helped a lot of people keep their sanity during the pandemic has been streaming services like Netflix. I can't even remember what life was like before Netflix to be honest. Before they removed FRIENDS from it, I was streaming every day. But, there still have been some awesome shows and movies out on it that I have binge watched, so we still use it a lot. My husband and I are total binge watchers and we'll finish a season or two of a show in a week if we have the time.

I know that Netflix was noticing it had some inactive accounts and back in May, they were doing a clean-up to make sure all it's users were activeThe Verge reports that Netflix is looking for new users and hopefully by giving you a little taste of what they offer, that will convince you to sign up for their streaming service. You will be able to watch a list of shows and movies on web browsers. It kind of stinks you're not able to watch on your tv, but hey, free is free, right?

So what shows will you able to watch for free? Stranger Things, Bird Box,  Love is Blind, are just a few. I haven;t watched Stranger Things, but Love is Blind and Bird Box are both awesome. You can see the full list of free movies and shows here.

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