Two of my favorite shows are gifting me with special holiday episodes this festive season.

Netflix's new hit show, "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" announced that will be releasing a new episode on December on December 14th titled "A Midwinter's Tale."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming episode will revolve around the Church of Night's celebration of the winter solstice. To celebrate, they may sing some pagan carols and gather together to tell ghost stories. We could also expect some unwelcomed guests showing up in Greendale.

You can see a sneak peek of the episode in the video below.

The next holiday special that's coming to a television set or tablet near you is courtesy of the show, "Schitt's Creek." If you don't know or watch this show I highly recommend you start binge watching it now so you can catch up before the holiday episode's released on December 19th.


According to TV Guide, this episode will be about Johnny trying to be jolly around the holidays. He'll be trying his best to convince everyone to plan a "traditional Rose Christmas party."

Also if you're a fan of show like me, then you may want to gift yourself or add this to your gift wish list because a live show is coming to Philadelphia and New York City. They're calling it the Schitt's Creek Up Close and Personal Tour. It will be a chance to see the cast live and give you an opportunity to ask questions about the show and upcoming new season. If you're interested you can purchase tickets here.

The fifth season is coming in January 2019. See a trailer for it below.




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