The newest bakery in Hamilton Township, KK Sweets, will officially be opened for business starting Saturday, September 12th, according to Facebook.

Owner, Kelsey Krieg, posted the picture of her final inspection certificate, saying, "This is the moment I’ve been waiting for my whole life." The new dessert shop has been getting a lot of buzz on social media (which is where I discovered it). Her cakes and other treats are works of art. Check out her work here.

Krieg is a pastry chef, working at Kristine’s in Princeton after graduating from The Culinary Institute of America. She always dreamed of having her own bakery and started this new business just a few months ago, and judging by her Facebook, it's already a success. She's been baking out of her home for a few months now, anxiously awaiting the opening of her own place. The wait is almost over.

I'm sure you understand that Krieg won't be taking any new orders right now, as she prepares for her grand opening. But, don't worry, if you already placed an online order, it will absolutely be filled. When she opens up ordering again, you'll need to place your custom cake orders at least two weeks in advance. She's doing all the baking herself, so, understandably, she needs time and your patience.

Krieg urges everyone to come in and see for yourself why she's been so excited. Keep an eye out for daily specials.

KK Sweets is located at 3257 Quakerbridge Road, near the Sloan Avenue intersection. You'll see it next to gas station, in a strip mall. Look for the cute, yellow pineapple on the sign.

Good luck, Kelsey.

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