It has been about 3 months since the state vote in favor of finally legalizing marijuanna, but we still are not seeming to move ahead. Something I have been wondering is how people will be able to get their “fix.” It looks like many people in the state will be able to grow their own marijuana right in their backyard! 

According to, there is a brand new bill that will give New Jersey residents the option to be able to grow their own weedNew Jersey Senator, Gerald Cardinale, who is a Republican, has introduced this bill that would allow for six or fewer marijuana plants once Governor Bill Murphy signs a legalization bill into law. 

Patients that have used the plan for medical purposes have been able to grow their own weed, however, this has led to prices being insanely high.  

Ok, so here’s my opinion. I don’t care. Do whatever you feel that makes you happy and if you want to grow a marijauana plant, go for it! Of course, only if it’s legal! I kind of look at this the same way as if people were growing their own vegetables. 

The most interesting part about this new bill is that the senator was not even on board with legalizing the plant at all. He has actually been very opposed to the idea, however, has been vocal about residents being able to grow it themselves in the past recent months. 

There is no word yet on when  legislative hearings will be. 




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