Good news. There is a brand new Dine-In theater coming to Center City next week.The AMC DINE-IN Fashion District 8 has literally been built from the ground up and will officially open Monday, November 4th.

Fully equipped with food, a full bar and a plush seat to sit in, Philadelphia movie lovers will get to experience the first of its kind. Where else can you watch a theatrical show while having food delivered right to your seat? This is a one stop shop for a date. Forget about making dinner reservations. All you have to do is purchase a movie ticket, sit back and enjoy.

There is a kitchen cooking up a menu of food that you can order as you enter the theater, and which will be served to you “by the time the trailers are over,” said Ryan Noonan, AMC spokesperson.

One of the best parts about this entire experience is that the seats are heated. This is perfect for the entire family.


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