There is an indoor golf bar opening in Philly this week, and guess who is going to be first in line. Me! Libertee Grounds will be opened to the public starting January 14 and will feature not only an indoor golf course, but also hyperlocal beers and a Pan-Asian bar fare. This entertainment complex takes up two whole floors at The Civic Apartments and is bound to be Philly's new hot spot; when this global pandemic is over of course.

According to Eater Philadelphia, Libertee Grounds features 2 taps of rotating craft beer, cider, seltzer, and wine, all from makers within 40 miles of Philly. Some of the breweries this golf bar will be repping includes Triple Bottom, Free Will, Workhorse and more. “You won’t see any big box brands on tap here,” says co-owner Pri Rambhia.

According to Eater Philadelphia, this golf bar also has amazing food that is inspired by the founders’ multicultural backgrounds. “Our food menu is a combination of that link to our heritage and upbringing as American kids,” says Rambhia.

Expect to chose from a menu with items like cheesesteaks and sloppy joes with an Asian twist to it. “To take it a step further, we decided to make the menu Pan-Asian to provide a variety of Asian flavors baked into our menu items,” he says.

As of right now, Libertee Grounds is set to open on the 14th with takeout and delivery only. According to Eater Philadelphia, the owners are being really cautious when it comes to covid-19. Only four customers will be allowed inside at a time to grab their to-go orders. Indoor dining is supposed to resume on January 16 in Philly, but takeout and delivery will continue for a few weeks at Libertee Grounds until the comeback of indoor dining is assessed. So that means, no golfing for now.


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