Today’s the day! It’s National Star Wars Day! If someone in your life is a big Star Wars fan, I’m sure you already know you’ll be hearing a lot of “May The Fourth Be With You” today.

The “holiday” was created by Star Wars founder, George Lucas, and has since been a big day within the fandom. The first recorded reference to the phrase being used was on May 4th, 1979 according to Wikipedia. I am a huge Star Wars fan so when I saw this list of every single state’s favorite Star Wars movie, I was so invested.

Everyone has their own opinions on each movie and each trilogy for that matter, but it’s easy to appreciate something from each movie. The movie that is the most popular is apparently the original movie, A New Hope. 11 out of 50 states have stated that that is their favorite.

As for New Jersey, we’re on the same page as New Hampshire and Montana. reported that as a state, our favorite movie is Revenge of the Sith, and I couldn’t agree more with this. Revenge of the Sith and Return of the Jedi are my top two favorites so I can definitely get behind this poll! New Jersey Star Wars fans have good taste!


There are a ton of ways to celebrate with deals today. Disney World is offering deals on different Star Wars-themed goodies in the parks and also Homesick Candles are offering two specially-themed candles for the “holiday” that are Star Wars inspired.

Also, if you’re near the Bordentown, NJ area, Bordentown Creamery is serving a Star Wars ice cream series!

May The Fourth Be With You!

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