A Perth Amboy Police Officer who has only been on the job for seven months just saved a man's life who was almost hit by a New Jersey Transit train! Kyle Savoia saw the man on the tracks and ran as fast as he could to save him from getting hit by the moving train. Other Officers alerted the train to slow down and the man moves out of the way just in time!

After the man was out of harm's way, he sits down and thanks the officer for saving him. The man seemed very depressed and authorities believe that the reason why he was sitting on the tracks, may have been his attempt at suicide. That was not confirmed, however, he was sent to a hospital for treatment!

The lengths that Officer Savoia went to just to save a man's life was amazing! He and his department should be proud!

This was all caught on Officer Savoia's body cam and you can see the video below!

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