Is this a nice way of calling New Jerseyians lazy?

A new study was just put out in honor of Labor day approaching. Wallet Hub laid out how hard employees across the global put in work each and every day. It was found that in general, Americans put in more hours at work than working people in other countries on a daily basis. According to Wallet Hub, just last year the average American worked 1,767 hours.

By the way that American willingly give up their vacations days you would think that we love to work more than rest. According to Wallet Hub, most Americans only use half of their PTO every year.

But even though overall we live in a hard working country, some states do work harder than others. There are some states that give it their all, then you have the ones that just do enough to get by.

It shouldn't come as any surprise that New Jersey landed on the list as one of the least hard working states. I only day this shouldn't be a surprise because it seems that the Garden States ranks terrible on almost every list and survey that is put out. It's like we have the worst luck in every category.

New Jersey came in at number 42 on this list out of all 50 states. No we aren't as lazy as New Mexico, West Virginia and New York that grabbed the bottom three, but 42 isn't ideal either.

So how was this list determined? According to Wallet Hub, it was based on key factors like average work week hours, high or low employment rate, idle youth rate, volunteer hours, and leisure time spent per day.


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