If you're a fan of the Netflix show, Stranger Things, you and your sweet tooth are going to love this.

Starting today (Friday, June 10th), Bordentown Creamery, an ice cream shop on Route 206 in Bordentown, has a new Stranger Things Ice Cream Series. Yeah, the new menu items all have a Stranger Things vibe.

Check this out:

Elevens Heaven has an Italian sweet cream base with eggo waffle pieces and maple syrup.

Demogorgons Delite has a chocolate base with strawberry slices and chocolate cake crunchies.

The Upside Down is cherry blue raspberry and lemon Italian Ice.

Vecnas Revenge has a caramel sea salt base with pretzels and brownie bites.

Which one are you going for?

Hmmm...two of the creations are looking good to me. I'd either go for the Demogorgons Delite. You know how much I love chocolate ice cream. With the strawberry slices, it could take like a chocolate covered strawberry and that's fine with me. If those chocolate crunchies are like the Carvel crunchies in their cakes, then decision made. They are soo good.

But, the Vecnas Revenge also sounds really good. I tried caramel sea salt ice cream a few years ago down the shore and loved it. I'm not one to stray from chocolate ice cream, so trying a new flavor was big for me. Lol. The brownie bites and pretzels makes this one super appealing to me too.

I'm sure I'll start seeing these new desserts pop up on Instagram soon.

Season 4 of the crazy popular Netflix series finally kicked off a few weeks ago, and the buzz is Season 5 will be its last. Who the heck knows when that will debut though since there was a three year break between season 3 and 4. Crazy, right?

Bordentown Creamery is located at 680 Route 206 in Bordentown, behind Russ Ayres Hot Dogs.

It's open today from 12pm - 10pm.


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