Looks like there's a popular retail store coming to Evesham Township!

According to pictures posted by Facebook Community page "A View From Evesham", a new Nike Live store is coming soon to The Promenade at Sagemore shopping center in Marlton New Jersey.

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You can see that remodeling is underway based on the Nike logo placed on the store front. The store, which was formerly Sur La Table, has a prominent spot in one of the innermost spaces of the shopping center, right in the middle where the main Promenade sign is displayed. It's right next to the former Zoës Kitchen, which just closed in October.

Google Maps
Google Maps

This Nike Live store has been in the plans for about a year. "A View From Evesham" had details on the plans back in December 2021:

You can see from the pictures that the store is set to open this year - so it should be soon!

What is Nike Live?

According to RetailDive.com, Nike Live stores "emphasize localization and community, tailoring the assortment, design and community engagement elements to what customers in the area want most."

So in other words, this will be a Nike Store that that will be customized to the local community!

The Promenade has been a popular, upscale Marlton shopping center for years, and anyone who's been around a while knows that it's basically been a rotating door for different shops and restaurants coming and going throughout the years.

It's nice to see something is coming again!

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