Nina's Waffles and Ice Cream, is making something extra special for you this year to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, according to the popular sweet shop's Instagram.

While I was doing my daily (ok, maybe hourly) scrolling on social media, I came across local favorite @ninaswaffles, and a man covering his eyes with waffles, but, the waffles looked a little bit darker than Nina's "normal" waffles. Can you tell I'm a fan of Nina's Waffles? Lol. Hmmm....I wondered what was going on. Well, are you ready for this? Nina's is treating us to Guinness Waffles, just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Oh my. This should go over very well with all of my Irish friends who absolutely love Guinness...even my non-Irish friends....everyone's a little Irish on St. Patrick's Day anyway, right? Plus, everyone loves waffles...especially Nina's Waffles.

The post says they've "replaced the water in a big batch of our top secret waffle recipe with beer just in time to celebrate St. Patty’s Day." Yum.

It will be available in all of their locations starting this weekend: Doylestown (East State Street), New Hope (South Main Street), Newtown (Village of Newtown, S. Eagle Road), and Peddler's Village (Shop 18).

I stopped into the Peddler's Village location recently with my daughter and a friend for waffles and ice cream. It's almost impossible to just walk by the shop, with the smell of freshly baked waffles wafting out of the front door. I got the waffle bites (little waffle pieces) with 2 scoops. It was soooo good. I can't wait to go back for more.

You can pre-order the special Guinness Waffles here. Don't miss out.


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