My Uncle passed away about six years ago and was wheelchair bound for as long as I can remember due to him being born with only one hip. He was the most amazing Uncle ever and when we'd go to the beach as a family, it was always a struggle for him to come with us on the sand. When I read this article on,  it immediately made me think of him!

According to, today (July 26th) from 2- 6pm the Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation will be hosting a wonderful event in Asbury Park along Ocean Avenue and it's going to be a big celebration of the huge progress that has been made for people who are wheelchair bound and have paralysis. Three Asbury Park beach entrances now has these roll out blue mats that go all the way down to the ocean that make it easier for those with disabilities to walk on the sand and down to the ocean. There will also be special sand wheelchairs available, as well as these special floating wheelchairs for anyone who needs them. All of these things are available at beach entrances all thanks to the Christopher & Dana Reeves Foundation. The foundation wants people who are wheelchair bound or have paralysis to be aware that all these things are available for them to enjoy the beach, which is something that usually they cannot enjoy due to their disabilities. They are kept in wooden lockers on the beach.

Here's a video of the WaterWheels chairs made by Access Rec, & the roll out mats that made a video about last year.

Tune in Sunday morning at 6am, and listen to Chris & The Crew have a discussion about it on Community Focus.

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