Frequent Jersey Shore beach-goers know that some of the most annoying things about getting to a beach are trying to find parking and trying to find a bathroom.

The Department of Environmental Protection plans to take a look at beach access rules later this year. Catherine McCabe, the commissioner of the department, said at a forum on New Jersey Beaches on Monday that they plan to expand state rules "when dealing with fair and equitable access requirements with respect to parking and restroom facilities."

In 2008 under then-governor Jon Corzine, state rules requiring required public access points every quarter mile, and public restrooms in any shore town that accepted government money for beach replenishment were struck down for being “overly broad”. Then Chris Christie got rid of state-wind rules, leaving it up to the towns to decide what level of access they wanted to provide.

Many NJ citizens agree that it’s their right to not only use a beach, but to have easy access to their car and a bathroom. Hopefully they’ll get their wish soon.

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