A Bergen County Country Club patron had her handbag damaged with red wine, now the club is suing the employee responsible for $30,000.

Hermes bags retail for a pretty penny; currently, the most expensive one on their webstore is $13,000.” Unfortunately, the specific bag has been discontinued.

Maryana Beyder, the patron, had already filed a lawsuit against the club in 2018, and claims the club is responsible for her Hermes bag for their faulty hiring practices. NJ.com says the incident led to a year of deliberation with the clubs insurance company, but Beyder came up with nothing.

Alexander Errico, Beyder’s attorney, states “She didn’t wear it apple picking. She wore it to a very expensive country club where she was a member.” The attorney went on in saying “If you bring your car to a country club and it gets scratched up, you expect the club to pay for it.”

I suppose at the price country clubs charge, they should be all inclusive!

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