If you're child is going back to school, and one of the many things you have been anxious about is he or she getting to school safely, good news,  Motor Vehicle Commission inspectors in New Jersey are upping the safely precautions! Over 180 items on the school buses will be inspected as well as new safety features added.

The call to action was pushed after two tragic accident that occurred in the past involving school buses. Three-point seat belts and sensors in the blind spots in the front and back of the buses were two pieces of safety equipment that were added. Back in 2018, there was a fatal bus crash on Route 80 that killed one student, one teacher and injured 43 passengers. That is why these three-point seat belts are now in the law to have on the big yellow buses.

Another thing that was added were sensors/ cameras on the front and rear of buses that are notorious blind spots.Back in 2016 a two year old girl named Abigail was killed after she stood in front of a school bus and the driver was unable to see her.

So its nice to see Jersey is doing what it can to make sure our students are safe!


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