This is not a good look on all! A New Jerseyian is now behind bar after allegedly scamming more than 30 women out of over 2 million dollars.

The man's name is Rubbin Sarpong. According to the Shaderoom he will appear in court tomorrow on one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Apparently Sarpong and a few other accomplices set up fake online dating profiles with stolen and fake identities. What they would do was contact random women through the dating websites and then pretended to strike up a romantic relationship with them, wooing them with words of love.

But it doesn't stop there! Sarpong would then tell these women he was military personnel stationed in Syria and was awarded gold bars that needed to be shipped to the United States. He reportedly told the women the fictitious gold bars were worth $12M and needed help shipping them over seas. So then he would tell these women that all he needed was help with the shipping cost and he would fully reimburse then later.

Things didn't take a sharp left turn until one of the women he was scamming took her own life the day after she wired him 93 thousand dollars!

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