Spread the news and raise a glass to this: New Jersey restaurants and clubs can now freely advertise and let customers know that they can bring their own beer and wine to their establishments.

I was surprised to learn that we have this law thanks to a strip club in Atlantic City.

I saw on APnews.com that clubs and restaurants without liquor licenses were not allowed to advertise to being a B.Y.O.B (to clientele inside or outside).

This is true even if patrons are allowed to drink the alcohol they brought with them once inside.

The Atlantic City club at the center of this case claimed the statute violated its First Amendment right to free speech. A federal judge recently sided with the club.

I am all for this because I always found myself jumping through little hoops to figure out if a place was BYOB. I usually had to go to their website, call, read a review, hear from a friend or learn the hard way/by actually going to the restaurant and seeing others enjoy their bottle of wine with dinner.

You can read more on this new law by clicking here.

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