Yesterday history was made in the great state of New Jersey. Fabiana Pierre-Louis was sworn in to the New Jersey Supreme Court. She is officially the first black woman to be seated on the state’s highest court. Governor Phil Murphy tweeted out multiple photos of the historic moment.

The brand new supreme court justice was sworn in yesterday by Justice Jaynee LaVecchia in a private ceremony alongside her two kids. According to, Governor Phil Murphy nominated her back in June and was in attendance for support.


At 39 years old, Pierre-Louis is the court's youngest current justice by about two decades. She is also the third black justice. Up until this point she worked in south Jersey as an attorney. She is a proud resident of Mount Laurel, worked at a private practice in Cherry Hill at a firm called Montgomery McCracken.

According to, she was confirmed by the senate just last week. Pierre-Louis is said to have a sharp mind and an impeccable resume. However, one of the key reasons why she was chosen was because of the fresh new perspective she will bring to the bench, especially in the era of racial divide we are currently living in.

Pierre-Louis will be replacing  Justice Walter “Wally” Timpon who stepped down due to being at the retirement age. According to, Pierre-Louis is a Democrat. So the new current Supreme Court consists of three Republicans, three Democrats and one independent.


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