NJ Transit Conductor, Howard Kempton is one amazing man! A call came into the NJ Transit's crew early afternoon on Saturday that a dog was seen running around the tracks near the South Orange station. Howard's crew spotted the dog as they approached the the station and Howard alerted his crew and the crew's of other trains to stop so he could get the dog to safety. He even used his tie as a leash to get the dog on board the train.

In the picture below is Conductor, Howard Kempton with the dog, who's name is Shelby, on board the train. Shelby did have tags on her and they contacted the owner who was extremely grateful she was found. Shelby and her owner were on a walk when Shelby's leash broke and she got away from her. All is good now, but imagine if Howard didn't leap into action like he did. It could have been devastating! Big thumbs up to all the crew that was involved in saving Shelby and getting her to safety!

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