I didn’t realize this was such a crazy thing to experience until I told someone who hasn’t spent any time at Rowan University.

If you didn’t know, I graduated from Rowan just this past May and one of the most famous things on campus is the Cougar Oober. I actually consider myself really lucky to be at Rowan during the come up of the Cougar Oober and it really elevated my time there.


I’m sure you haven’t heard of it, but it all started when these guys who lived off campus had this van in their driveway that had “Cougar Oober 35+” written on it and it just became a meme.

Fast forward 4 years later, they have 2 vans and have driven thousands of college students to and from anywhere around Glassboro, NJ.

I can 100% guarantee you haven’t seen anything like this before. It looks like a giant party bus, but it’s way cheaper and will take you anywhere around town.

My roommates and I would always use them to drive us to the bars for our birthdays and when they only charge $10 to and from any party or bar, you can’t beat it. It’s also just another option to have a reliable and safe, yet fun ride home.

There have been parties named after them, T-shirts made and millions of Snapchats taken in these vans and it’s such a staple to the Rowan culture. I felt the need to share this with everyone who may not know because it’s just the greatest thing.

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