Jeopardy once again has ties to New Jersey and this is so exciting! It was released that a professor from Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey was on Monday night’s episode of the famous trivia show and she’s making New Jersey proud!

Her name is Melissa Klapper and according to, she teaches American and women’s history at Rowan University. I just graduated from Rowan almost a year ago and completed all 4 years of my bachelor's there, so this made me so excited once I found out about it! Melissa Klapper is a PA resident and also was the front-runner going into Final Jeopardy on this week’s episode which aired this past Monday.


She received her last question and answered it correctly, making her the new Jeopardy champion! How exciting is it when we see people from our area on TV shows like this?

Since she answered the final question correctly and is the new champion, she will be back on the next episode to defend her title, which is tonight! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen someone with New Jersey ties on the famous show.


There were just about 4 or so New Jersey residents on the show just within the last year on the show. We know of residents from Lawrenceville, Hamilton, Ocean City, and also Pennington who all competed on the show in 2022, so Jeopardy is not a stranger to New Jerseyans!

The next time you can catch Professor Melissa Klapper jeopardy is tonight at 7 pm. We’re rooting for you, Melissa!

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