I shop at Target constantly. I buy a lot of things there and it saves my family a lot of money.

Right after my son Nathan was born almost two years ago, I didn't want to bring him in stores because it was cold and flu season. Little did I know a pandemic was about to begin a few months later.

I was home by myself on maternity leave and needed to get groceries and found out that Target had a feature where you can order the things you need and they will bring it right out to your car. I discovered it then and fell in love.

I used it many times during the pandemic and still do when I am in a hurry and need to make one quick stop before I head home for the day. It's great because now you can even get frozen and refrigerated groceries.

Today, (September 28th) when I arrived, I noticed this sign on the parking spot.

Personal Collection
Personal Collection

I have never seen this sign posted before and I've been using the Drive Up at Target for almost two years. I usually see the same Drive Up people and they are the best. I usually don't wait longer than five minutes for them to bring my order out.

Now, I absolutely LOVE my East Windsor Target. One time I went to pick up my order and I forgot my license in my car, but they knew who I was and didn't need to provide it. That's how often I get Drive up and Order pick ups at my Target.

So was the service not available because it was a rainy day and they didn't want to send out their employees? Or were they short staffed? Did someone call out sick? Whatever the reason, I went inside the store to get my order.

Is this a huge deal? For me today, not really. I had the time to run in and get my stuff and I could use the exercise. Once I was inside, the staff was delightful as they usually are. There were a few Karens waiting in line behind me that felt differently. I get it.

The Target Drive Up feature is for people who are in a hurry and for those who don't want to go inside the store. Now, you're being asked to go inside the store and I can understand it can be a little bit of annoying.

I tried to do my part in being pleasant and courteous and hopefully my girl at the guest service desk didn't get too much crap for other customers. I do wish they disabled the feature on the app somehow. It might have helped them out in the end.

After some investigating, we found out that Target in East Windsor did disable the Drive Up service because of the severe weather that rolled through our area earlier today. So, it was in fact weather related.

This is good to keep in mind on days with inclement weather, that you may not be able to get Drive Up on those days. Target needs to keep their employees safe and dry and I have an always will appreciate them.

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