The Philadelphia Eagles are coming home this weekend for week 2 to face the Los Angeles Rams. So many Birds fans wish they could go tailgate at the Lincoln Financial Field. As we all know, the city of Philadelphia is still following major social distancing guidelines which means there will be no tailgating this Sunday.

According to 3 CBS Philly, Philadephia Officials have made it known that streets and parking lots at the Lincoln Financial Field will be closed in order to prevent any Philadelphia Eagles fans from attempting to tailgate. Social distancing is no joke during this pandemic.

We all know that Eagles fans will try to look for another alternative because you have to rage a little before a bird's games. However, the Philadelphia officials are one step ahead of you. It was mentioned on 3 CBS Philly that the FDR Park will be closed as well and will not be allowing any tailgating there either.

The Mayor of Philadephia, Jim Kenney, told 3 CBS Philly, “For the safety of our residents and due to COVID-19 restrictions on large gatherings, tailgating will not be permitted until further notice.” Let's be creative and start a small tailgate in the backyard to watch the Eagles home opener. Don't go crazy and invite too many people though.

Philadelphia Eagles fans told 3 CBS Philly that it does stink that fans can't tailgate at the actual stadium parking lot but it doesn't matter because it is Philly. Fans will find one way or another to tailgate and make it known that they are supporting their Birds.

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