Philadelphia and Bucks County area commuters will have great news! There's a new Wawa in town for them to enjoy. Well, it's not officially there yet.

The store will be ready to open this Thursday (February 14), according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

This new Wawa, which will open at the Shoppes in Wissinoming, is located just off of I-95 in the area.

Yes, it will be a super Wawa, so that will provide gasoline. Since this is such a busy area for commuters, it's probably the perfect location.

In fact, morning commuters will be able to enjoy breakfast or coffee at the new store on Thursday (that's Valentine's Day). reports that the store, which is located at 5597 Tulip Street, will open at 8 am.

The Super Wawa will be located right next to the ShopRite in Northeast Philly. This Wawa will be the fourth Wawa to open in the area this year, and it's only the middle of February. That's impressive, right?

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